Nicholas Farm will not be open for berry sales the summer of 2014.  While it would be nice  to continue the tradition of years past and share our harvest with you, the demands of raising a family and working off farm are quite enough for Farmer Patrick.  At a point it seemed possible to stay open for u-pick this summer as advertised, however an opportunity came to pass on the entire crop to one customer.

We will miss meeting with you this year and sharing the harvest, thank you for your support in years past. Please continue to support local farms.

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Stand Closed . . .

A early start to Blueberry season means we have now reached the point of diminishing returns. If however you want to pick some more please call, you can come by after 5pm Mon-Thursday.

Thank you to all who supported us in this summers harvest.

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Last week for orders!

We still have ripening fruit that will be available this week, please place your orders soon. We will be open again Tuesday August 6 at 8:30am. U-pick will continue,  the fruit is not over ripe, the picking is fast.

Cash or cheque only.

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U-PICK AUG 2-3, Closed Aug.1 .

The long spell of sun has helped ripen the blueberries early this year, for a change. We are coming to the end of the season, so this Friday Aug.2 (8am-5pm) and Sat. Aug.3(8am-12noon) is a good time to come out.

Bring a hat, containers and cash.



Please check the answering machine for updates as well as this blog.

Cash or Cheque Accepted only.

Thank you for your support.

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Come on by today until dark. Possible order taking, will let you know asap. Thanks for your support during this transition on the farm.

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We are open to arranging u-pick opportunities for blueberries. The crop is excellent and the weather couldn’t be better. So call or email when you would like to come. Berries will be available now through August.

Don’t let the berries go to waste.


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Challenges …

This year the farm is not getting my undivided attention, at best I spend 4 hrs a week instead of the 50hr + of previous years. This is due to getting a “real” job, which is supposed to be a Good Thing. So no pre-picked or orders this year, a Bad Thing.

The challenge is what to do with 8000lbs of blueberries . . . even the birds would have trouble answering that question.  If you have any ideas let me know, maybe someone needs the fruit and has the time.


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Asparagus season over. Strawberries are not coming.

The past few weeks really produced a great harvest of Asparagus. Much better weather than past years. Now it is time to let the plants store up food for next spring.

Strawberries were forming quickly with the heat, looked like berries in June and the deer ate the leaves of the plants. Now the plants are leafless and suffering badly.

Blueberries are will past 50% flower stage and it looks like a bumper crop year. Expect fresh berries by July 15. Get your freezer empty and plan on filling it up with these tasty big berries.


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This year the farm will be reducing its produce to Blueberries only, as the demands of  family and outside work don’t leave enough time in the day for much else. As it stands right now the plan is to have u-pick blueberries from mid-July through mid September. If at all possible we will take orders, as I know that this is appreciated. As we get sooner to the season I will update the site to let you know how these tasty berries will be available.

Farmer Patrick

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We are taking orders for fresh asparagus, please call the farm 250-652-6639 to place an order.

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